Q: Can I request custon sizes?

A: Yes, we can make the necklaces any size. Longer necklaces if they require additional gems will have an additional charge.

Q: Are the gems imitation?

A: No, these gems are mined and come from reputable gem dealers.

Q: Can you explain the quality of your necklaces

A: The heart of our necklaces is the high quality stainless steel 49 strands of stainless steel (7 wires with 7 wires wrapped around each other) coated in plastic. On the sterling silver ss necklaces, we use solid sterling silver clasps and beads. On the gold jewelery, we use 14k gold filled clasps and beads.

Q: What is your company philosophy?

A: Our philosophy is every woman deserves to wear the best her money can buy, and wear only the best.   We won't make things we wouldn't wear ourselves.

Q: What is your limited lifetime warranty?

A: If for any reason your necklace, bracelet, or ankle bracelet wire breaks. We will repair and return your item for $5 (excluding gems) to offset the insured shipping cost of your item. Please ship  insured to:(include return address)

RME Enterprises

7514 Maceday Lake RD

Waterford, MI  48329